2016 will be a good year

I noticed the other day that I had not posted anything on this blog for 10 months. That’s a long time. There is so much to write about and I wish I had more opportunities to do so. I am determined, though, to begin writing again at regular intervals.

Let me begin by sharing my expectations for 2016 and the visit with my paternal grandmother, who I always make a point of visiting every Sunday when I am in Istanbul. This past weekend, however, my grandmother and aunt came to my home for a meal. We enjoyed talking about the old days, and my grandfather in particular. This past November, together with friends, we commemorated the tenth anniversary of my grandfather’s death. I’ll write more about my grandfather in my next post.

Life really is short and we all need to realize how important it is to make time for loved ones. After my parents’ divorce, my grandmother was like a mother to me. That’s why I treasure every moment I spend with that big-hearted, extraordinary woman.


My grandmother and I, in my house​


Family Dinner​


As always, she asked about my work, the other members of the family and my personal life. And I, for the first time, said, “2016 is going to be a special year for me. Things are taking shaping in a positive way in all areas. This is the year my years of hard work will pay off.” As an example, I pointed out that the first of the 50 MW solar and wind energy project series we had been pursuing for 3 years was now in the field in Konya, with more to come. I added that I would have more good news for her as the year progressed, and was pleased to see how happy I’d made her. That was perhaps the best news she’d heard from me. She and all of my other relatives are aware of how much I have struggled and the extent to which I have dedicated myself to my work in the 5 years since leaving the family company. In fact, they all know just a fraction of what I have been doing. In order for my grandmother and the other members of my family to get a closer look at developments in my professional life I plan in the near future to invite them to my workplace.


Picture of the project team of Konya Kulu​


Konya Kulu Project’s 3D Model​


There, they will get a clearer picture of my efforts, throughEkoRE, to execute projects and investments in the technology of renewable energy, as well as my efforts, through the Basic Necessities Association, known by its Turkish acronym Tider, to help those in need stand on their own two feet. My main motivation for these activities is not only to realize successful projects, but to contribute to sustainable human progress, development and advancement by investing in technology and people. I am striving to protect the environment and to help create a world that is more inhabitable. I know that I am still at the beginning of my path. Right now, in the most productive period of my life, with the knowledge and experience I have accumulated, and with the vision I have honed, I have the utmost confidence that I will achieve many more successes in my professional life. I know that my efforts and sense of initiative can touch the lives of thousands of people in the year 2016, of millions more in later years, and of even billions over the long term.

I am trying to do all of this in a country like Turkey. Generally speaking, many of our people are more eager to obstruct than to assist, and tend to demoralize others with their “glass is half-empty” outlooks. I’ve grown accustomed to that. Although this attitude is something that has caused difficulties for me here in this country, which is also a true paradise in many ways, I have learned to ignore it, focusing on problem solving and continuing on my way.  If this has resulted in my offending anyone or being misunderstood, I sincerely apologize. I would also like to express my endless gratitude to the friends who have supported me, valued what I have done and tried to understand me. I will continue to do all I can for them and for the people of this wonderful country.

Let me also take this opportunity to thank my team. I have observed that everyone is doing their utmost. Each and every one of the directors leading our team, as well as all of its members, are making an extraordinary effort. I have every confidence that we will surmount every obstacle, shoulder-to-shoulder as we carry out important work and author a tale of success notable both in Turkey and around the world.

I think what I have learned best in my 15 years of professional life in Turkey is this: Many things are difficult in this country, but nothing is impossible. No matter what, I never once considered giving up. I’ve taken my knocks but I’ve tried to keep my eye on the big picture as I forge ahead. And that’s what I will keep doing.

Naturally, I also try to remember to enjoy life.  I expect to be better understood in the future, and that makes it much easier to overcome the obstacles and difficulties of the present.  It will be a great pleasure to share with colleagues and loved ones the joy of achieving a string of major and lasting successes.

Good news is coming up soon…

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