A heartfelt thank-you regarding my blog and other notes

Between 5 September - 28 September the public election results of the 16. Altin Orumcek organisation revealed the “Public Favourites”. I congratulate the winner in all categories and the projects chosen as finalists and give my thanks to those who voted for my blog to become a finalist in the “Personal Blog” category and thus would like to share with you some constructive recommendations for the productivity of this competition.

I had announced that my blog become a finalist in the Altin Orumcek organisation, which I had mentioned in my “Frequently Asked Questions” series in question 51 (http://serhansuzer.com/en/frequently-asked-questions-6- ) and in the “Tale of my blog” titled article (http://serhansuzer.com/en/the-tale-of-my-blog). The results have been released.

The winners have been announced: https://www.altinorumcek.com/Halk-Oylamasi/. In our “Personal Blog” category, “Gezmek Guzel” (http://www.gezmekguzel.com/) won. I congratulate everyone that contributed their efforts towards this. I believe the 8 blogs that were finalists were all very good. I know it’s going to sound cliché, but even being selected was a success in itself. In order to remind you of the finalists, I will share the below image with you:


In order for this to be a fairer competition, I want to provide some feedback. I will openly speak of my thoughts. I don’t want anyone to get offended. My aim is not to offend or break hearts, I only want to give positive feedback:


1) Striking attention with its ‘personal’ description

For Gezmek Guzel to be a candidate in the personal blog category is unfair. Because when you look further into it, it’s a travel blog made up of many writers. Whereas when you look at the name of our category, it is a “Personal Blog”, not a “Blog of Individuals” category. In other words, I question how fair it is to compare a blog with 1 writer as opposed to a blog that has 11 writers (with the number continually increasing).


2) Each candidate could have taken place in one category

Gezmek Guzel was shown as a candidate in two categories. I believe them being shown as a candidate in the “Tourism and Travel” category was much more on point. They may want to consider limiting a web site or blog site to compete in one category only…


3) ‘Travel Blogs’ to be given their own category

I ran a search on ‘Travel Blogs’ on Google. I was given 325,000 results. I have complete respect for the effort they put into these however with travel blogs coming up everywhere and then competing as a personal blog, needs to be questioned and how right this actually is. In my opinion, they need to open up a separate category for “Travel Blogs”.


4) Declaration of the number of votes and methods used

In the “Public Vote”, who got the most votes and how many of these were genuine voters need to be declared. I strongly advise Altin Orumcek’s organisation to do this.


5) The importance of sharing information of guidance / regarding various topics of guidance

When you look at those who have the most followers on Social Media, you will find they are footballers, artists and some who we have no idea why they are famous like the Kardashian family and people like Nusret. I believe that travel articles are the most popular culture of blogs. Don’t get me wrong, travelling and making the most out of life is very important, it is one of the main elements of the “Pura Vida” philosophy which I live by. However, travelling and having a good time are not the only ways to give meaning to life. To be beneficial and to share knowledge is also very important. Besides sharing my travel and articles about life, I also try as much as I can to share with you my experiences which have been blended with some technical knowledge. When you have time, I recommend for you to read the below articles. If you would like to obtain further information about many different topics, please read the below with as much conviction as you can:

































Articles I have written about travel

Whilst on the topic of travel blogs, I too have spent much time writing some about my travels too. Some contain very important experiences. I would also suggest you read these too when you have time:

















To add to all these articles, within this year I raised topics like “electrical vehicle”, “solar energy”, “fin-tech”, “sport”, “education”, “health”, “civil society”, “social entrepreneurship”, “entrepreneur”, “family business”, which I will write with more technical detail and write articles which contain different perspectives of analysis within the coming years.

Additionally, I will continue to write about my exciting travel experiences.


A heartfelt thank-you

After mentioning all of the above, lets come to the real reason of this article… I would like to thank all those who voted for me from the bottom of my heart. I will continue to share with you my articles which I write with much joy. I am grateful for all the support you have given me. The biggest motivation for me for writing these articles are the feedback you all give me.

Another deserving thank-you is for the designer of my blog GEN3. If I could put it into words; I truly would like to thank Gokhan Erkek, Neslihan Erkek and Talha for all of their efforts. The efforts of Gokhan with his creativity, Neslihan’s execution and Talha’s inventive software creation and for building my blog from scratch is applaudable.

Finally, I would like to thank the Altin Orumcek organisation. Don’t get hung up on my criticisms; we only criticise those we feel closest to and for the ones we love. The competition that you have organised, is a very big source of motivation for labourers of the digital world who put in serious levels of effort to bring things like this together.

I wish for your continued success in your working endeavours…


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