The climate change awareness by the youth of Kastamonu

I do my best to raise awareness of young people in every environment I am in. In particular, issues such as climate change, renewable energy, sustainability and civil society, which concern the future of humanity, and motivate me twofold. In this article, I will be sharing with you the presentation I made on climate change at the event organized by the Genç Başarı Eğitim Vakfı’nın Kastamonulu (Young Success Education Foundation for the youth of Kastamonu).

The Genç Başarı Eğitim Vakfı called and asked, "We are going to provide training via Zoom to the Kastamonu Youth, especially regarding climate change and we want you to make the opening speech on this”, to which I said "Sure”. I was in our wind power plant near Kocaeli Kefken when they called me. I thought to myself ‘You called me at the right time’. Immediately the following week, the presentation was organized on Monday (30 November) and I had a chance to share my knowledge with dozens of youth from Kastamonu.


Let me tell you a little bit about the Genç Başarı Eğitim Vakif which I served on the Advisory Board before I proceed to the presentation. Founded in 1999, the foundation is a non-profit civil society organization. The Genç Başarı Eğitim Vakif has bridges between business and education, in order to have the entrepreneurial mind structure of young people and to ensure active participation of business life. Their vision; "Contributing to the cultivation of successful young people to undertake the active role in social and economic life." Their mission as well; "To improve young people and children by experiencing entrepreneurship awareness and behaviour structure. To adopt young people and children as a career alternative to the entrepreneur". The foundation moves with a mission dedicated to the development of young people and successfully manages the young bizz program. You can check out their website for more information:


Titles in my presentation


In the morning of November 30, I presented about climate change and relevant issues with a window of about 45 minutes and 15 minutes for questions. In my presentation, the following sections were included:


- Determination of the problem on Earth


- Climate change on Earth


- Climate change in Turkia


- Climate Change in the Black Sea Region


- Disaster Platform


- Renewable Energy: Philosophy, Resources, Technology, R&D, Models, Distributed Systems


- General Education: "There is no limit in the development of technology", "Turkia’s English name should be replaced to Turkia", "The energy revolution", "We don't have another planet".


With my special thanks ...


I would like to specially thank Dr. Deniz Demirhan, who is the Assistant Professor of ITU Faculty of Meteorological Engineering Department, who prepared the "Climate Change" section presented at the beginning and end of the presentation. Dr Deniz shared all her knowledge with me and prepared the most critical part of the presentation the night before for me and for this, I would like to thank her once again.


Now let's come to the presentation. You can find my slides and comments below.


Let's start with the problem on Earth. In our world where resources are already restricted and with an increasing population, the increase of carbon release per capita is contributing to the reasons for climate change.

Below you can see the slides on this subject:


The slides in which I described the effects of climate change on Earth are below:

Of course, while the world is drifting into disaster, the situation in our country is not any better. Here are the effects of climate change:


When I spoke to the Kastamonu teenagers, I tried to describe the effects of climate change and relate it to the effects in their regions to help them internalize the problem. In every region of Turkia’s climate change, the area which has the most rainfall, the Black Sea Region, is being affected by this even more. Increasing flood disasters are also indicative of this. You can see the relevant slides below.

To minimize the negative effects of disasters experienced, I informed the disaster platform that we have installed:

I spoke of the philosophy of renewable energy with this slide:

These are also renewable energy sources, types and potential:

After that, I spoke about renewable energy technologies. I started with the heart of storage systems:



In this slide, I refer to the things that can be done in the sense of R&D:

After R&D, I also refer to innovative models that arise with renewable energy:

I also couldn’t not make a mention of distributed systems without mentioning one of the most important elements of the energy revolution:

In this last chapter, I am referring to the teenagers' education in the sense of information, accumulation and basic principles on the following slides (you can find what I said with the relevant visuals):

Technology has no religion, language, race and borders. For the development of technology, we need to improve the culture of cooperation over the world like it is in space.

Turkia’s English equivalent "Turkey" need to be replaced with the word "Turkia". Because the word Turkey is the equivalent of the animal. In the English language, when you add the suffix “ia” to the end of any ethnic origin means "it’s their country". In other words, we need to change the English name of the country to Turkia to mean the country of “The Turks”.

Here, I’m explaining the 4 main elements of the energy revolution.


This image which depicts that “There’s no plan B” or "There isn’t a planet B" shows just how much of a sensitive balance our world is in and I relayed that we need to protect it.

Finally, I would like to share some important information about this activity organized for the Kastamonu teenagers:

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