My 41st birthday and my 4th phase of life

A few days before my birthday, due to being very busy with work and dealing with many problems, I decided that I wanted to spend some time away and took a trip to Iceland. I will share my thoughts and impressions about this beautiful country later on and tell you about the long hours of driving I spent there which made me come to a turning point of my life as I had the opportunity to think long and hard about what I will do with my life from now on.

Last week, when I was thinking about what I should do for my birthday, I decided that going abroad would change my mood and motivation. I was quite over having to deal with a lot of issues, people’s negativity and betrayal in Turkey. I thought it would be great idea to go to a place I've never been to before to relax. I decided to choose a place I hadn’t been to in the Atlantic Ocean. I selected Iceland, Scotland and the Canary Islands as the three options. After doing a bit of research, I decided that the place I would feel a lot more Zen and somewhere I can rest my soul was Iceland. As my Schengen visa granted entry and direct connection points over Europe, I decided to fly to Iceland on Friday and return on Tuesday. I will share my experiences about this beautiful country with you after this article.


A video of the moment I celebrated my birthday in Iceland


In this article however, I will share the thoughts that I had whilst driving for hours on road. It is inevitable that your thoughts intensify and go deeper when surrounded by a magnificent feast of nature. In a sense, it’s like a natural form of meditation. In order to show you the level of deep thoughts I had, I am sharing the following video with you:



For example, I was thinking about the time when 6 years ago I had left the family company in the early days of being 35 and the things I wrote in articles then based on what I was thinking and experiencing at the time.

In this article I wrote back then, at link: I had spoken about the many different phases of my life. In summary:

The 1st phase of my life included my most comfortable, beautiful and life away from responsibility period. 

a photo of 9-year-old Serhan


I can say that I had a happy childhood in this first phase. In addition, primary school, high school and my university life also had many different beauties to them.


The benefits of studying in Canada meant I could regularIy go skiing with my university friends.


Everything was really enjoyable during my school years. But of course, this life of seeing everything in rose-tinted glasses had to come to an end.

After working in America for a short period, I returned to Turkey to do my military service and then on the last day of my military service, our family bank was seized which really made me realise that this rose-tinted period was now over. You can find the article about my 2nd phase of life written at this link:

The start to my 2nd phase of life


After working in the family company for 10 years, I decided to step away from it to invest in a company operating in solar energy facilities which was the move to the 3rd phase of my life. In the third phase, I signed onto different initiatives starting with Hitit Solar, EkoCCS, EkoRE, Moka and Bonbon. I worked on these initiatives with high motivation, especially with renewable energy which gave me further joy. We can say that sustainability is my passion.

The start to my 3rd phase of life


The period that we are currently in was the end of the 3rd phase. The last 7 years has been quite turbulent for me. Especially the difficulties I have experienced in the last 1.5 years which has just peaked. I will not talk about these in detail now, maybe I will write about them in the future, but I can say that I have lived through the most difficult time of my life which was a huge test for me.

Whilst suffering through this hardship, the thing that wore me down the most was the people around me who were coming onto me in the most inappropriate ways and those who I thought were closest to me were the ones who betrayed me the most. I won't go into the details of these, but I can tell you that you can see the real personalities of people in the hard times. During this time, I’ve put a distance between some people and have totally removed some others from my life.

From now on, those who deserve to be close to me will continue to be around me for life. Perhaps the best part of this process was that I could see very clearly who a real friend was. Real friends will be around me for the rest of my life. I will also continue to do my best for them.


A photo of me taken towards the end of my 3rd phase of life


What my 4th phase will bring me

I'm about to go into my 4th phase. In this phase, it will be a period in which I will display the true potential of Serhan which will be shown and one that will reap me the rewards of all the efforts I make. I can feel it.

On the other hand, I will continue to work on and accelerate benefits on behalf of humanity. Unfortunately, I saw very clearly that in this period that we are a society composed of people who are in pursuit of evil, where the soul of the majority is psychologically disturbed. My battle for the good people to stand out and come to strength will continue and is gaining fast momentum. The power of good people in our society will reduce the voice of the unfavorable and their active roles in society, and the people who are stuck between a rock and hard place will naturally gravitate to be on the better side of life, that is to say, it will happen in the future. I'm writing them here just for when we need to go back in time to view what I had said.

My fight against bad people who consume humanity like cancer cells will continue until the end. And I will go about doing this loudly and blatantly, not just for show. Fossil fuel lobbying, companies that ruin nature, companies that use CSOs as a point of sale and play with people's emotions, drug companies that invest in suppression methods that will give them more money in the long term than those who consciously take care of diseases, drug and cigarette companies, those who are bad influences on society, and those malicious people are examples of what I’m talking about.

I will not be modest in this regard; my next phase in life will be a time when my value will be really understood, and people will start to give credit where it is due. This change will come about in our own country and internationally. And in fact, those countries who suffer from inferiority complexes may have a change in perception towards Turkey when they see the love and respect that is shown to me. All those who have recently attacked me will eventually shape up and be regretful once they see what I have accomplished in the future and will show me their respect. Whereas, I will continue to be the same Serhan tomorrow as I am today.

The difference our generation will create

I will continue to serve humanity the same way with my heart, mind and soul. I will focus on sustainability, renewable energy, food, water, ecological building concepts and civil society work. I will provide important developments regarding these for the sake of humanity. Furthermore, with further investment into R&D and innovation, I look to make a serious impact in fields where humanity requires it. I just wanted to announce this to you all.

It is very important that our generation makes a difference. Because my generation has witnessed the most development in human history. There is a huge difference between the life we lived during our childhood to our now adult life. Forget mobile phones, during my childhood, we didn’t even have proper television. Now we have entered a completely different period and we live in an age in which humanity will be re-written. Thanks to the work of our generation, we can solve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations by providing great improvement, or on the contrary, we may just drown.

The 17th Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations


With this awareness, I will continue to do my best. I hope that in this period, there will be more entrepreneurs which think like me and will go down in history as individuals who have changed the history of humanity in a good way.

In other words, I will continue to serve people in spite of how people are. I will continue to accelerate and improve the development of humanity and a more beautiful world for our children.

At the point we have arrived to today, I am at a time when I have solved all the problems that I have experienced in the 3rd phase of my life and I am about to recover from the damage. In the near future, when I move into my 4th phase, I will continue on my path by constantly value adding and getting the respect I deserve. I can't wait to sign onto some projects which is just unimaginable for some others. I wish to finalise and thank my friends who have been with me during the difficult times.

Better days are coming!

As I enter the 4th phase of my life, this photo taken on my holiday in Iceland really describes the current situation I am in. Colourful with beautiful days coming…


P.S: I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends who celebrated my birthday from social media and from different communication channels such as e-mail, phone and whatsapp. Thank you for your presence

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