On The Super Final (Play-Off) And Galatasaray

On the weekend, I was at Dalyan to have a peace of mind. If they asked me “Which places would you count as heaven on earth?”, I would definitely count Dalyan.​

I will write about this place later on. For a long time I wasn’t able to write, because I didn’t have time. At the end of this vacation, when my flight was delayed 3.5 hours, I decided to write. While watching the Fenerbahçe-Trabzonspor match at the Dalaman Airport, I will try to convey my thoughts.

First of all, I would like to say, it was very sad that the match between Beşiktaş and Galatasaray was postponed due to bad weather conditions when I sat down in a cafe in Dalyan to watch it. If we don’t have any other misfortunes, we will hopefully watch the game soon. Speaking of Galatasaray, I would like to touch upon the Melo issue which is very popular these days. I personally think that Melo shouldn’t have been forgiven in such an occasion. There are all sorts of oddness and many other things that don’t suit an institution like Galatasaray in the Melo-Riera fight. If it was a fight that started during the training, you could have said it was because of the excitement of the match. However, learning that the ball boy was sent out, the door was locked and that Riera got beaten up got me goose bumps. I thought the following about Melo: “This guy absolutely doesn’t deserve to play for Galatasaray.” Besides, I think it wasn’t the right decision to give him the number 10 jersey that Metin Oktay and Hagi wore, which therefore had a special meaning for us. I would like to also say that, as a Galatasaray fan, I wish we had finished this Super Final (Play-Off) without Melo. Believe me, even if we would loose the championship, I would have congratulated the Galatasaray executives and Fatih Terim for sticking to our principles and would have supported them until the end. Frankly speaking, I felt resentment when such a man was forgiven and I was upset that he would play in the Super Final (Play-Off).

I would like to say that I feel very positively about the Super Final (Play-Off). Despite all the criticisms, I think that the Super Final (Play-Off) system brought a major excitement to our league.

Think of it like this: 6 derbies were added to the end of the league. This was good for both the broadcasting company which is the biggest supporter of our football and the football audience who will watch 6 important games more. Also, this system has a structure which can minimize the claims on chicanery. Moreover, it’s a well-thought system which can revive the lessened interest on football due to recent events. I congratulate all the executives of the Federation that found and applied the Super Final (Play-Off) system. The only issue that I didn’t understand is why the points that the teams have at the end of the year is divided by two. To me, it would make more sense if all the teams could carry on with the points they had at the end of the year. In any case, I think this system has to continue the next year too. The excitement in football should never end.

Hereby, I wish luck to all the teams and say, may the best win. Let us not forget that football is element for entertainment and let’s enjoy the Super Final (Play-Off).

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